Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service ______ [Last Revision: 27-07-2016]

[1] Our Responsibilities

ResellerNeed.com consents to outfit administrations, which are paid for, to the Customer, subject to finish consistence to the AUP and TOS. ResellerNeed.com claims all authority to deny any expected client, at the sole circumspection of ResellerNeed.com. The disappointment by a client to meet or follow any of the strategies/terms is reason for account deactivation. ResellerNeed.com will be the sole referee with respect to what establishes an infringement of the AUP. ResellerNeed claims all authority to eliminate any record without earlier notification.

Terms of Service ______ [Last Revision: 20-08-2016]

[2] Changes

The TOS and AUP are both liable to change whenever at the sole prudence of ResellerNeed.com, an adjustment in strategy will not be justification for early agreement end or non-installment. Client perceives that the idea of the administration provided and the underlying rates and charges have been conveyed to Customer. The Customer knows that every now and then rates may change dependent on accessibility of equipment and generally market variances, if a change is going to in any capacity adjust the common month to month bill of a client, it will be conveyed preceding real charging.

[*] Refunds

Just all facilitating administrations delivered by ResellerNeed.com are qualified for a restricted discount. Discount covers the Hosting administration plan itself, and does exclude some other administrations, for example, ssl authentication, space enrollment and so forth. Discounts are just offered inside 7-days of record enlistment, and just applies to the principal administration of another customer. Extra requests are not qualified for a discount. For instance, in the event that you've had a record with us previously, dropped and joined once more, or on the off chance that you have opened a second record with us, you won't be qualified for a discount. Infringement of this Agreement will defer your privileges under the discount strategy. Administrations that are suspended or ended due to rebelliousness of the AUP and TOS are not qualified for discounts. Discounts will be appropriate for legitimate explanation no one but which can't be explained by us. In the event that you do act up with the Support Team (over Chat/Ticket/Phone/Email) that will likewise postpone the discount strategy.

Terms of Service ______ [Last Revision: 20-09-2016]


In the event that any infringement of these principles will happen ResellerNeed.com claims an authority to suspend a disregarding account. You, as a chairman, will have a consent to reactivate your customer account. After the record will be reactivated, you or your customer will have 12 hours to determine the occurrence. In the event that occurrence won't be settled in 12 hours after you will reactivate account or any infringement will happen in future by a similar record, ResellerNeed.com claims an authority to end abusing account and impair customer profile (we won't debilitate your head profile, just your end customer profile). Root client will consistently safe from any abused activity brought about by their end client.


In the occasion extortion is found, the deceitful client is dependent upon prompt suspension/end at the sole carefulness of ResellerNeed.com. All data accessible to ResellerNeed.com about the deceitful record will be submitted to both nearby specialists, also any monetary foundations included. All misrepresentation orders are researched, and all fake clients will be indicted to the furthest reaches of the law, regardless of whether it is inside the United States, or abroad.

Terms of Service ______ [Last Revision: 20-09-2016]

[4] Billing Methodology and Information

ResellerNeed.com solicitations for all administrations 10 days before the due date. You are liable for organizing installment by the due date. Records that become past due will be dependent upon a (10%) late charge following 5 days of being late. This late expense is non-debatable and will be naturally added to any past due solicitations. Following a receipt becomes 20 days past due, all administrations associated with the receipt are dependent upon prompt end. Inordinate lateness won't go on without serious consequences and could bring about administrations being ended or extra late charges being evaluated.

Terms of Service ______ [Last Revision: 20-09-2016]

[5] Support & Payment Verification

ResellerNeed.com gives equipment uphold identified with clients worker working. ResellerNeed.com doesn't offer programming support if the administration isn't Fully Managed. ResellerNeed.com just ensures the default establishment of any product under completely oversaw facilitating, and not the slightest bit expect risk for the arrangement of any product. ResellerNeed.com isn't answerable for any information misfortune related with mis-setup of contents. ResellerNeed.com may give upgraded site improvement uphold (counting content arrangement and joining), for an extra charge. Kindly approach deals or charging for upgraded site develop uphold estimating. Facilitating clients may demand for new php expansions or, highlights on help ticket. ResellerNeed.com doesn't give any kind of Support to the Customers of our Customers (Third Party Customers). We will just offer help straightforwardly to Customers of ResellerNeed.com.

[*] Payment Verification

Clients consent to conceivably submitting to extortion checking measures, intended for both the security of the client just as the security of ResellerNeed.com. The extortion checks require examine duplicate of CreditCard Authorization Form by ResellerNeed.com, a front side screen capture of the Credit Card utilized as installment, just as a substantial output duplicate of late picture ID (Passport/Driving License/Student ID). We may request Payment Verification if installment done by Credit/Debit Cards and Payza. On the off chance that installment produced using unconfirmed PayPal accounts, we may request confirmation records too.